In March we began exploring Australian Aboriginal Art and Music.

From some of the traditional mixed with modern tunes by Yothu Yindi that you listen to clicking on the links here and other iconic Australian music artists like ACDC, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, INXS and Tame Impala.

Being from Australia

, it was fun to share a little piece of my own history and passion from home. We explored some general trivia about Australia. How much do you know? Do you have a favourite animal? Musician?

Ausralian animals are unique, so is the Boomerang and the also Digeridoo and the unique oral traditions of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and paintings.

We heard the dreamtime tale Why the koala has a stumpy tail, narrated here.

The students were inspired by twelve other traditional stories, which we learnt how to paint using traditional indigenous rock-paint style with dots and animal shapes, representing Dreamtime evolution and other events.

The results, as you can see are magical and nothing short of amazing. These are on display with the other inspirations from famous artists we explored, including Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, in Centro Kangaroo, Porriño.

Thanks to all my wonderful students, and also Anxeles and 6ª de CEIP Peña de Francia for sharing your time and enthusiasm


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